Yes, Kwikset smart locks can work with ADT (ADT Security Services), a popular home security system provider. Kwikset offers smart locks compatible with various home automation platforms, including Z-Wave and Zigbee, which ADT commonly uses.

Once you have confirmed compatibility, you can typically connect your Kwikset smart lock to your ADT system using the appropriate setup procedure. This may involve adding the lock to your ADT hub or panel, configuring the lock through the ADT control panel or mobile app, and setting up any necessary automation or security rules.

In this article, we’ll look at the top Kwikset Smart lock models compatible with the ADT Security System. Let’s get started if that makes you eager to read.

Smart Kwikset Lock that works with ADT

Some popular Kwikset smart lock models compatible with ADT include the SmartCode 914 and SmartCode 916, which support Z-Wave, and the SmartCode 888, which supports Z-Wave Plus.

  • Kwikset SmartCode 914: The SmartCode 914 is a touchscreen smart lock that supports Z-Wave technology. It allows you to lock and unlock your door using a PIN code, a traditional key, or remotely through a compatible ADT system.
  • Kwikset SmartCode 916: The SmartCode 916 is another touchscreen smart lock that supports Z-Wave. It offers similar features to the SmartCode 914 but includes a capacitive touchscreen with a sleeker design.
  • Kwikset SmartCode 888: The SmartCode 888 is a push-button smart lock that supports Z-Wave Plus. It provides keyless entry and can be integrated with ADT systems that support Z-Wave communication.

It’s important to note that compatibility may vary depending on the specific ADT system you have or plan to use. Before purchasing a Kwikset smart lock, it’s recommended to check with ADT or refer to their compatibility list to ensure that the lock you choose is officially supported.

Technology for SmartKey

The technology used in Kwikset SmartKey locks is known as the SmartKey Re-Key Technology. It is a proprietary technology developed by Kwikset to provide convenient and secure re-keying options for their locks.

SmartKey Re-Key Technology allows homeowners to re-key their locks without the need for a locksmith or disassembly of the lock. The process involves using a functioning key and a SmartKey tool provided with the lock. Following the instructions, you can re-key the lock within a few minutes.

It’s important to note that SmartKey technology is specific to Kwikset locks and is not compatible with other lock brands or systems.

Work with Multiple User Code

Yes, Kwikset smart locks, including those with SmartCode technology, typically support multiple user codes. Multiple user codes allow you to assign unique access codes to individuals, such as family members, friends, or service providers, so they can enter your home without a physical key.

Remember to regularly update and change the user codes for security purposes, especially if you need to revoke access for someone or suspect a code has been compromised.

It’s worth noting that the process for setting up and managing multiple user codes may vary slightly depending on your specific Kwikset smart lock model. Therefore, it’s always recommended to refer to the user manual or manufacturer’s instructions provided with your lock for detailed guidance.

Access Code

An access code, in the context of smart locks and security systems, refers to a unique numerical or alphanumeric code that is used to gain entry to a locked area or activate/deactivate a security system. Access codes are commonly used with electronic or keypad-based locks to provide keyless entry.

When it comes to smart locks, access codes are programmed into the lock’s system and assigned to specific individuals or purposes. Each person can have their own access code, allowing them to enter the premises without needing a physical key. Access codes can be temporary or permanent, depending on the desired level of access control.

It’s important to choose strong and unique access codes and regularly update them for security purposes. Avoid using easily guessable codes like birthdates or sequential numbers, and ensure that codes are not shared or displayed where they can be easily seen or accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Please note that the specific process for setting up and managing access codes may vary depending on the smart lock brand and model you are using. Consult the user manual or manufacturer’s instructions for detailed guidance on programming and managing access codes for your smart lock.

Wrapping UP

To summarise, Kwikset smart locks can work with ADT systems, provided they are compatible with the communication protocols supported by ADT, such as Z-Wave or Zigbee. However, it’s important to note that not all Kwikset smart lock models are compatible with ADT.

For detailed instructions and information on compatibility, it is recommended to consult the user manuals and documentation provided by both Kwikset and ADT or contact ADT’s customer support for specific guidance.

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